Northern Vietnam is considered as one of the best trekking paradises in South East Asia. Unlike other destinations in the region, this spot allures trekking enthusiasts by the exotic trails which lead trekkers immerse themselves into the fascinating vista, the diversity of the array of fauna and flora, the fresh tropical atmosphere, and the vibrant village of ethnic minorities. Ensure that trekking in Vietnam will be a worthwhile experience during your lifetime. In order to maximize the traveler experience, Vietnam Responsible Tourism (VRT) is pleased to provide top 3 things that trekkers should consider carefully before exploring this place.


The Rough Mountain Terrain Fulfills “Wow “Emotion during Your Trekking in Vietnam

The geography of North Vietnam is variety including the main lowland around the lower Red River, the coastal lowlands and the highland. The main trekking area in Northern Vietnam is in the highland where mostly mountainous terrain is rugged, bumpy and rocky.

The challenging mountain terrain in North Vietnam offers the active trekking trails which are suitable for people who have a strong passion for moderate to extremely difficult trekking level. Attaining in these trails requires traveler hike at least 6-8 hours per day. Furthermore, compared with trekking trails in Western Countries, the trekking routes in North Vietnam are more challenging because of a narrow road, a rocky cliff, a mountain steep and easy slip.

However, trekking in Vietnam in the harsh condition will bring you to the joy of the journey such as walking through tropical forest surrounded by the endless lush mountain range and the colorful valley, witnessing the daily routine of hill-tribe people, passing through swamps or narrow trails, crossing the small river, then tasting the victory feeling when reaching the summit of the highest mountain. It would be an unforgettable experience.

The Undefined Weather in the North – The Additional Surprise in Trekking in Vietnam Journey

The Undefined Weather in the North Vietnam

The Undefined Weather in the North

The Northern Vietnam has four main seasons: Spring (March – April), summer (May- July), autumn (August- October), and winter (November – February). The best time to trekking in Vietnam, especially in the North is from October to April. This period has generally the dry and cool weather, less rain and pleasant temperature. In addition, trekking in this time helps you reduce the uncertain troubles along the trip as well as witness clearly the imposing mountain scenery instead of the foggy vista.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that is the weather in the mountain region of Northern Vietnam cannot define exactly. It changes in unpredictable way. For instance, in one day in the same season, you can experience the beautiful weather with a light sunshine in the morning; but in the afternoon the situation is totally different, you can feel cold, windy with a heavy rain. Therefore, you should check the weather regularly before your trekking in Vietnam starting.

The Unique Custom of Hill-Tribe People

The Unique Custom of Hill-Tribe People in the North of Vietnam

The Unique Custom of Hill-Tribe People in the North of Vietnam

Vietnam has 54 ethnic people. The majority of ethnic people live in the highland, especially in the Northern region. This region is a home of various minority groups such as H’mong, Dzao, Kinh, Tay etc. Along trekking in Vietnam trip you will experience an awesome custom in the daily life or in some special events such as festival, wedding ceremony, ancestor worship etc. You can truly understand how rich of Vietnam culture is! You will likely enter in the different world. It is so colorful, lively. Sometime it is gentle, openness but sometime it is likely the mystery. All these unique things await you come to explore. It would be the valuable trekking trip which not only offers the beauty of nature in Northern Vietnam but also provides you the better knowledge of local hill-tribe life.